New Caffeinated Chocolate Launches In SA

Brand new chocolate brand in SA brings some spark to your snack-time.

Zang is a brand new caffeinated chocolate bar, designed to give you a pick-me-up when you need it most.

It is the first chocolate in South Africa to add the caffeine element, so whether it’s a mid-afternoon office slump, a pressing deadline or cramming for exams, Zang has an espresso-like-kick that gives you an extra bit of a boost.

Caffeinated chocolate is a first for South Africa, and the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Brett Horwitz and Jethro Braun.

“It was important for us to not compromise on taste and quality. So we worked closely with a chocolatier and did extensive product testing. The result is a 45% cocoa mass milk chocolate with a great taste,” says Jethro Braun, one of the entrepreneurs behind the venture.

“The word ‘Zang’ originates from American street slang, meaning ‘kiff’ or ‘cool’, and also references light, or energy, in Chinese culture,” said Grant Rushmere, Marketing Director.

“The design is inspired by the ‘calavera’ or sugar skull from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations.  The influence of Mexican design and culture resonates strongly with our own African design culture: unselfconscious, colourful, expressive, and playful.  The intricate detail in the artwork of the skull is derived from our very own Cape broekielace – making the brand uniquely South African.”

ZANG comes in two handy sizes. A small bite-sized, 14 gram and standard 36 gram bar. Recommended retail price for bite-sized is R6,45 and R13,95 for the bar.

Zang chocolate

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