New BBQ Rib Factory Store Opens In SA

Barbeque Rib Manufacturers announces a brand new factory store to deliver ribs to JHB braai-lovers.

Fans of ribs and delicious meat alike will be salivating at the mouth to know that a brand new BBQ rib factory store has opened up in Johannesburg.

BRM Brands has announced the new landmark factory and factory shop in Mostyn Park, which follows a successful period of growth for BRM.

The company supplies ribs and poultry major retailers in South Africa as well as a number of well-established restaurants, and its original Factory Rib Shop in Honeydew has become a well-known spot for rib lovers to pick up some racks before a big braai.

We at MenStuff have been long-term fans of BRM’s ribs and can vouch that they are as awesome as they sound.

The store is located at 12 Rowles Rd, Mostyn Park (just off Malibongwe, between Kya Sands and the Lion Park).

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