Col’Cacchio & Devil’s Peak Brewing Launch New Craft Beer

The Italian restaurant chain and Cape Town’s beer brewing aficionados join forces.

Craft beers are coming out thick and fast in South Africa, leading many to dispense with having a favoured brew and getting into the habit of trying anything and everything that comes out in the hopes of discovering some truly enjoyable beers.

Devil’s Peak is a famous name in the craft beer industry, and having already delivered a number of tasty choices, they’re collaborating on yet another. Their partner: none other than impeccable Italian outfit Col’Cacchio, with whom they’re co-launching the CC Golden Ale.

Mercifully, the South African winter has calmed a little in the past week, hopefully leading to an early start to the summer where this Golden Ale’s refreshing tones will be best appreciated.

They’ve billed it as a light, crisp, and refreshing beer that malty sweetness includes some tropical fruit flavours and a dry finish. Not exactly the kind of drink that will keep the winter chill away, but definitely one that’s going to be a fantastic way to break our summer heat waves.

The CC Golden Ale is available both in SA and Windhoek, Namibia for a retail price of R32 – so the next time you head to Col’Cacchio for some fine Italian cuisine, give this drink a shot to see if it deserves a spot in your regular rotation!

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