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The Modern Man’s Guide To Beards

Growing and grooming a beard isn’t just about neglecting your razor – so here’s latest beard trends and how to achieve them.

Beards are in high demand, but pulling off the popular hairier trend requires skill, precision and dedication.

To guide the way, here’s some expert advice to achieve the right look for the growing beard movement.

The Stiletto Beard

The Stiletto Beard with its pointed chin and sharp angles, first made its appearance in the 15th century, when foreign aristocracy started the trend in England.

The shape does not need much grooming, but requires regular touch-ups to keep it neat and intact.


The Stiletto Beard

Get the look:

  1. It will take about 2 months of growth to prepare for this beard. Give yourself a nice even trim with a full-size trimmer: use a longer setting on the hairs around your mouth and on your chin.
  2. Once you’ve got a good amount of growth, about 10-15mm+, use your beard trimmer (somthing like the Philips Style Shaver) to shape your beard into a sharp point. The zoom wheel will help you here – you’ll probably use several different length settings as you follow the natural angle of your jaw to create the point, which should be about 5cm long.
  3. Use a precision trimmer (Philips GoStyler) to carve sharp, outward-facing wedges around your mouth. You can use the trimmer to further define the upper edge of your beard, from your ears to your nose.
  4. Use wax to train your moustache whiskers into outward, curving lines. If needed, use some on your beard too.
  5. To keep your neck and cheeks looking sharp; shave it with a rotary shaver (Philips AquaTouch AT890 or AT790), moving in a gentle, circular motion.

Be mindful of your face shape at all times when going for a beard trend. If you have a sharp chin or angular face, the Stiletto is not the ideal beard for you, because it accentuates the sharp look.

The Five O’clock Shadow

Nothing says “I didn’t sleep at home… or alone” like the 5 O’clock Shadow. Hollywood has turned stubble from a guy’s everyday struggle into the epitome of cool.

Let’s face it, a real 5 O’clock Shadow separates the men from the boys; you either have what it takes or you don’t.


The Five O’clock Shadow

Get the look:

  1. Growing and maintaining a 5 O’clock Shadow is perfect for highlighting cheekbones on a square face, or for disguising a week chin on the less chiselled. Nothing could be easier – avoid your shaver for a day or two, or until your stubble grows in.
  2. Going to the dark side with class does require some effort. Once you’ve got the perfect amount of stubble, around 3-5mm, maintain the length with your stubble trimmer (Philips GoStyler) – a trimmer with a zoom wheel will help you achieve your ideal length.
  3. After trimming, use a mini foil shaver to create a line under your chin. Keep your neck nice and tidy below that line with your Philips rotary shaver (Philips AquaTouch AT890 or AT790), using steady pressure, and a gentle, circular motion.
  4. Shave the area beneath your cheekbones with a mini foil shaver, carefully forming a downward oval shape, or draw a straight diagonal line from the beginning of your sideburn to the edge of your moustache.

Circle Beard

From Kanye West to Lulo Café, the Circle Beard has a lot of followers. The superb merger of a trimmed Goatee with a moustache lends style and attitude to many men’s faces.

The Goatee of a Circle Beard is a little fuller and should only have a hint of a round shape. Therefore, it does not work well with round faces… The Circle Beard will need regular shaving and trimming to keep it sharp.


Circle Beard

Get the look:

  1. Use a beard trimmer (Philips Style Shaver to trim your entire face to around 3-5mm).
  2. Now with a precision trimmer (Philips GoStyler), draw a gently rounded shape that lines your mouth, and beneath your chin.
  3. Next use your precision trimmer to trim the edges of your moustache, blending it into your rounded goatee.
  4. Shave your cheeks and neck clean with your rotary shaver (Philips AquaTouch AT890 or AT790), using steady pressure and a gentle, circular motion. You can add extra definition with a mini foil shaver.
Source: Philips Male Grooming

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