The 6 Worst Butchered-Tries Of All Time

Which missed try-scoring opportunities go down in history as the most cringe-worthy?

You’d think that dotting the rugby ball down once you’ve crossed the line is the easiest part, but these five players managed to botch certain-tries in the most spectacular of ways.

Ardie Savea

 He may be the lesser-known brother, but Hurricanes breakaway Ardie Savea stole the limelight from his brother Julian in Wellington 2015’s match-up against the Waratahs, finishing with one of the greatest botched tries ever.

Sonny Bill Williams

There’s very little Sonny Bill Williams can’t do, but the talented code-hopper made an absolute mess out of a sure-try at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

Williams made a great break from a Shaun Johnson pass in the 68th minute, however, he slipped just before placing the ball and his foot crossed the dead-ball line.

New Zealand still went on to win 42-24, but Williams will never forget that moment.

Kristen Thomas

We’ve seen some try-line shockers from the men, but USA Women’s player Kristen Thomas also gets a spot on the list.

Her blooper at the São Paulo Sevens in Brazil is cringe-worthy, and Thomas herself even knows it as soon as it happens.

Semi Kunatani

While we admire the casual attitude of the Fijian Sevens team, they can sometimes be a little too casual.

Fiji’s Semi Kunatani made a fantastic break in the game against Scotland at the 2014 Gold Coast Sevens, beating numerous defenders with his pace and a powerful fend, but his time-wasting over the line gave Scotland’s Lee Jones the opportunity to rob Semi of his five points.

Kosuke Hashino

Japan’s Sevens rugby player Kosuke Hashino will be written into the record books — for how not to do a swan dive.

The pint-sized speedster had a clear run to the line during the Hong Kong Sevens in 2014, but went for the big finish instead of the casual dot-down.

Juan Manuel Leguizamon

Kosuke Hashino’s disaster (above) was pretty bad, but Argentine eighth man Juan Manuel Leguizamon showed exactly why forwards shouldn’t try pull off spectacular swan dives.

During London Irish’s encounter with the London Wasps in 2007, Leguizamo went for a massive leap over the tryline and somehow managed to let the ball slip. If the Earth could’ve swallowed him up that day, Leguizamo would’ve gone gracefully.

 What’s the worst bombed-try you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments section below.



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