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Which movies are hitting our big-screens this weekend? MenStuff gives you the low-down on what’s what.

If you’re hitting the movies this weekend, there’s a bunch of great new releases to keep you entertained, including a mountaineering adventure gone wrong, a music-inspired coming-of-age tale, and a dog movie (yip, there will be tears).

These are the movie releases from Friday, 18 September 2015:


Often, nature itself is the fiercest antagonist big-screen heroes can dare go up against. Everest is the latest film to illustrate the awesome power of the great outdoors, as a snow storm wreaks unexpected havoc on an expedition to climb the eponymous mountain.

Featuring a stark color palette and a startling 3D visual scope, the movie features an ensemble cast that includes Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Worthington, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Keira Knightley, Robin Wright and Emily Watson. At this point, it remains to be seen if the film does justice to its stars and the epic adventure it portrays, but for fans of old-school adventure films centering on man versus the elements, Everest will certainly be one to watch.


We are your friends

Max Joseph from MTV’s Catfish makes his directorial debut with We are your friends, which stars Zac Efron as Cole Carter, an aspiring DJ caught between a forbidden romance and the expectations of his friends. attempts to find the path in life that leads to fame and fortune. Cole will have to make some tough choices on his way to the top.



If you want your heart-strings pulled this weekend, check out Max. The film picks up after U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott is killed in Afghanistan, Max, his highly trained service dog, is too traumatized to remain in service. Back in the U.S., Kyle’s family adopts the dog, but teenage brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) has problems of his own and doesn’t want the animal. However, Max may be Justin’s only chance to learn what really happened to his brother. With the help of a dog-savvy friend, Justin and Max begin to bond, and set out to unravel the mystery of Kyle’s death.


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