Is FIFA 15 Worth A Shot?

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Has EA Sports’ latest FIFA entry done enough to please the fans?

It’s that time of year again for the next instalment of FIFA to drop and fulfill the needs and desires of footie fans for another season, and with FIFA 15 releasing this week, the reviews from international publications have already started rolling in; but is FIFA 15 worth a shot?

The game currently sits on a Metascore (average aggregated score) of 85% on Xbox One and 84% on Playstation 4, with the other platforms lacking an aggregate score at the time of publication.

Check out what the reviewers are saying:

CVG: 9/10

“With friends or without, FIFA 15 plays a rock solid game of football and looks destined for glory again.”

GameSpot: 8/10

“If you’re looking for football that is exciting, exaggerated, and immensely entertaining, FIFA 15 is the game to get.”

Eurogamer: 7/10

“EA can quite fairly claim to have again delivered the best football game ever made. But every year the developers seem to have less of an idea what that means.”

IGN: 8.3/10

“FIFA 15 remains one of the most impressively comprehensive sport simulations around. But while some of FIFA 15’s refinements are worthwhile – and a tangible improvement on FIFA 14 – its flaws stand out all the more.”

Kotaku UK: No score

“The moment EA starts releasing FIFA’s yearly updates as a £15-20 DLC update pack is the moment my recommendations can be loud, proud and out. When they continue as, effectively, DLC packs coming out for three  times that price, I get riddled with angst when I tell people they should buy what is, on paper and devoid of context, a very good game.”

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VideoGamer: 7/10

“FIFA 15 has gameplay problems, but it can also play some sublime football. However, single-player’s continued stagnation leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If goalkeepers can be addressed, EA will remain the football king. Right now, FIFA’s at risk of being clawed back in the title race.”

Digital Spy: 4/5

“EA Sports is steadily improving and enhancing the match day experience, while making the action on the pitch that little bit smoother. FIFA 15 may not be brimming with new ideas and game modes, but it is the most polished and enjoyable version of the football sim yet.”

Game Informer: 9.25/10

“The FIFA franchise has gone from a game that was huge because of the de facto effect of its numerous licenses to a title that stands tall thanks to its own abilities. FIFA 15 takes the series into a whole other level with gameplay that betters the surmounting hype that threatened to engulf it.”

SixthAxis: 9/10

FIFA 15 is not quite the great leap forward that many would have hoped for but it’s a bigger jump than it initially appears to be. The changes, although infuriating to begin with as they make you re-learn elements of your game, ultimately make for a more realistic game of football.”

So there you go – looks like EA Sports may have managed to create genuinely improved game this year. Will you be picking up FIFA 15 this weekend?



  1. james

    September 24, 2014 at 19:58

    I see Fifa has given the game to a whole bunch of footballers. My twitter feed is filled with footballers tweeting pictures of themselves with it.

  2. james

    September 24, 2014 at 19:59

    This is the time of year when the big debate of “which is better, PES or Fifa?” Which one does MenStuff think is better?

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