Going beyond 1080P

Imagine watching TV at resolutions higher than full HD. 1920 x 1080 has slowly become mainstream and is marking the way for Ultra HD. Ultra HD breaks the barriers of High Definition with resolutions of 2560 x 1440p and above.

2012 is the year for Ultra HD solely due to the advancements in the hardware that processors the capability to push such high resolutions. Believe it or not, but full HD is restricting…..yes, restricting the capabilities of many computer systems currently on the market. The demand for Ultra HD resolution screens is climaxing and moving away from its restricted market of specialist computer graphic processing for movies and 3D design. It looks like the tables have turned after all those years of the processor not being able to fit the shoes of the full HD.

This year at CES 2012, we witnessed a wealth of new OLED ultra HD televisions and monitors that should be arriving in retail later this year. 2012 seems to be a massive year for television as LG, Samsung,Sharp, Sony, Toshiba will all be introducing televisions capable of 2560×1440 resolutions in extremely thin frames.
Many of them will have dual core, or even quad core processors running android and capable of doing almost anything a computer can.

Some of the Ultra HD TV’s that will be arriving later this year include the LG, Sharp and Toshiba models that are capable of 3840×2160 4k resolutions.

As new GPU and CPU’s are released by leading manufacturers such as AMD, Nvidia and Intel respectively, 2012 will see the year of Ultra HD becoming accessible to everyone at affordable prices. Hardware reviewers stress testing GPU and CPU setups wont be the only ones enjoying the benefit of insane high-definition anymore.

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