Game Releases In SA This Week

Gamers, ready your fingers, and find our what games are hitting South African store shelves this week…

This week, gaming enthusiasts get a serious variety of titles to embrace, including a returning brawler, a stitched-up experience, and the return of a building phenomenon to the next-gen consoles.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U
28 November (Wii U)

The complete roster of heroes and villains makes a comeback this week, as Super Smash Bros. punches its way onto the Wii U.

Up to four players can battle each other locally or online across beautifully designed stages inspired by classic Nintendo home console games. With a variety of control options and amiibo compatibility, the timeless Super Smash Bros. battles come alive.

New faces include the likes Mega Man, Little Mac and the newly announced Palutena, the Goddess of Light from the Kid Icarus games.


Little Big Planet 3
28 November (PS4, PS4)

Sackboy and his cronies return this week in the long-anticipated Little Big Planet 3, which is sure to spark the creativity in gamers this month.

The handcrafted adventure sees Sackboy travel to a planet called Bunkum. Players there uncover unexplored corners of the Imagisphere and explore the mysterious world as you work together with new friends to rescue Bunkum from the clutches of the evil Newton.

For the first time, Little Big Planet 3 features three original playable and fully customisable characters – each with their own unique set of skills. You can now bound up and over walls as the quick and agile OddSock, glide through the skies as the majestic Swoop and transform Toggle between Big Toggle, a heavy strongman, and Little Toggle, a light speedster who can walk across water! Each characters’ unique abilities brings new dynamic gameplay and expands the inventive possibilities in Create mode.


What game are you most excited for this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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