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Fallout 4: A Genre-Busting Behemoth That You Need To Play [Review]

Alex tackles the world of Fallout 4 to see if there’s some life left in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Awaking to a world ravaged by a nuclear war is always a bummer, but when it’s in a Bethesda game, you know it’s going to be something special, full of danger and continuous distraction, and that makes the bleak situation seem a whole lot more fun.

In the world of Fallout 4, there is no shortage of gameplay or things to do to keep yourself busy, having put in a decent number of hours (100 roughly), I have yet to find myself bored or looking at my cabinet of alternative games to play. The story of Fallout 4 is one that personally fascinates me – the survival of the human race through ultimate destruction – the world you are exposed to really captivates your imagination and casts you into the post-apocalyptic nightmare by fully immersing you into the politics, social problems, and existential struggle of the characters in the world.

Fallout 4

Without giving away any spoilers with regards to gear, there is an intensive crafting and base development system that requires hours of meticulous farming and looting in good old Bethesda fashion, allowing you the ability to command your arsenal to your own personal play-style. The weapon and apparel crafting systems are just as well-thought out, but yet very simplistic, again allowing the individual to build their armour and weapons to cater for specific situations.

The actual gameplay of Fallout 4 feels a lot more in depth and being environmentally aware of your surroundings is a massive part of the game. Encountering a Super Mutant base or Raiders camp, you’ll need to be able to run and take cover should mini nukes start flying about. The gunplay has been tweaked since Fallout 3, and now finds itself even better than a lot of FPS games out at the moment, with the right balance of weight, recoil, and precision in tow.

Simply put, the power armour featured in the game is next level badassery and your ultimate tool to surviving the horrors of the apocalypse. Crushing enemies, jumping from dizzy heights and mowing down your attackers with a minigun is truly an amazing experience that gamers won’t be getting tired of anytime soon.

Fallout 4 screenshot 2

The general exploration of Fallout 4 has two sides: one being the open rubble hills and bridges that cover the landscape, and the second being the massive winding and maze like city centre. Both offer unique experiences and adventures in their respective locales, but there’s just something about running through the landscape and coming across a wrecked train with a couple bodies lying about (the real scavenger inside of you will start to squeal), but only to notice the bodies aren’t exactly laying still for you anymore and they are now charging at you in a massive swarm.

These kind of unscripted sequences in the game are truly hair-raising experiences and what the Fallout franchise is all about, as thrills and jump scares are abundant across the wasteland; let’s just hope you save often.

Fallout 4 screen

In summary, the extensive gameplay and unique scenarios of Fallout 4 make it one of the best games that I have played to date. It encompasses a whole host of aspects of other RPGs while injecting its own trademark Fallout humour and charm into the world. The result is something quite spectacular.

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