A Protein Shake Review From Someone Who Has Never Had One Before

Protein Shake

MenStuff’s Jeremy introduces an energy boosting pre-workout drink and post-workout protein shake to his regime. Does it make a difference?

Let’s just get it out of the way: I’m not a fitness fanatic by any means of the imagination. I love playing some afternoon touch rugby with the lads, kicking around a soccer ball in some 5-a-side here and there, and working out casually 3 or so times a week (if time permits). So I’ve never been one for protein shakes or performance-boosting supplements – but I decided to give Pure Nutrition’s performance range a go. Call me curious.

Looking at two particular products, Pure Blast 2.0 and Pure Whey protein (for before and after workouts respectively), I decided to take them for two-and-a-half months to see if I felt a difference in my performance and muscle-gain and restoration during the process.

Regarding the Pure Blast 2.0 pre-workout powder, it’s pretty amazing stuff. Ditching that sugar-packed Red Bull or energy drink for this is the right thing to do. Blast 2.0 is a combination of Amino Acids, B-Complex vitamins and caffeine, which basically means it helps with short term fatigue, promotes endurance, and enhances motor performance. I definitely noticed a difference when trying the product before a 2-hour touch rugby and post-run exercise session. Towards the mark when either sessions end, and I’m usually OK with that, I was bouncing for more and lacked the fatigue that usually conspires me to head straight to the couch.

Pure Nutrition Blast

As for the Pure Whey protein powder, it’s delicious. I know that’s not the point, but I’d put this stuff on my ice-cream if I could, which would defeat the purpose of taking it, but you get the idea. The reason for taking protein is to provide an accessible protein source for your body, as well as the essential amino acids to support protein synthesis. 

Firstly, the protein shake helped suppress my unrelenting hunger that usually strikes post-workout, which helped me eat a lot less when I did get around to mealtime. As for the whole muscle-building thing, it has definitely helped fat-free mass and muscle strength, as improvement on reps, speed and physical results began to show.

Whey protein

Overall, I’m very happy and it delivered what I expected. Taking protein shakes and energy boosters aren’t quick-fixes to getting “Dak for Vac” or whatever bizarre body dimorphic situation you may be looking for. But if you’re keen on improving your workout performance, helping your hunger and putting on a bit of muscle in the process, it’s definitely worth it.

Check out more on Pure Nutrition here

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. james

    May 27, 2015 at 14:25

    Very cool, I’ve been keen to try out some sort of shakes. This stuff looks great

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