7 Most Exciting Gadgets From CES 2016

CES 2016 gadgets

We take a look at the most intriguing gadgets of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

Every year, the world’s leading gadget innovators and tech companies gather in Las Vegas to showcase the future of the industry. This year’s Consumer Electronic Show, known as CES, delivered on its promise and brought the noise; so without further do, here are 7 gadgets that left our jaws on the floor.

EHang 184 carrier

The EHang 184 is a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company EHang. It is an autonomous drone that will be able to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 97 km/h. The 184 also has gull-wing doors and arms that fold up.

EHang 184 carrier

Hydrao Smart Shower

The Hydrao Smart Shower might be the solution to wasteful water consumption in the tub. The Bluetooth LE device connects to an iPhone or iPad app where you can set three alert intervals — for example, 10 litres, 25 litres and 30 litres. At each amount, the built-in LED lights will light up in three different colors to remind you how much water you’re using. Not only that, but it also uses the water from the shower head to power tiny turbines and generate enough energy to power the lights and the Bluetooth connectivity.

Hydrao Smart Shower

Ili translator

Ili is a new device which is set to revolutionise global communication, but not on social media, but rather face-to-face. This amazing piece of technology, which one wears like a necklace, automatically translates your spoken word aloud in the language of your choice. Currently, it works in English, Japanese and Chinese, with plans to expand to French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Some may think a smart fridge is not really needed in today’s world, but let us ask you this: if you could access a camera inside your fridge via your smartphone to see what you need to buy (or perhaps want to eat when you get home), would that intrigue you? That’s exactly what Samsung’s new Family Hub Refrigerator features, along with a 21.5-inch full HD monitor to view recipes and online content, and stereo speakers to play some songs while you cook.

Samsung smart fridge

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

Trying to track what you’re eating for dieters is important, but it’s even more important for those with conditions like Diabetes. What this little gadget does is scan the chemical makeup of the food or drink at hand, analyzing whether or not it’s something you should eat given your dietary conditions. It can only do one piece of the food at a time and has to use a multi-step app to do the job, but it’s kind of astounding that it even works in the first place.


Livestream Movi

Action camera are the new sunglasses – everyone wants on. But while there’s plenty of options out there now, Livestream has done something quite unique with its new product Movi. This little 4K camera is meant to be used to capture live events as they happen, which is something people are wanting to do more and more these days. The Movi connects right to your iPhone and uses the corresponding app to let you edit up to 9 virtual cameras all on the fly.

Livestream Movi


Fisher Price has come up with an ingenius and brilliant way to introduce children to the world of coding and engineering. The toy company’s new Code-A-Pillar is a reconfigurable caterpillar toy that lets pre-schoolers re-arrange the body parts of the robotic insect. Each body segment gives the chain a different command (forward, left, right, wait, and more). By stringing the caterpillar together, kids learn critical thinking and how to create a program to control the robot’s movements.


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