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5 Worst Games Of 2014

Which games have made critics cringe and facepalm this year? MenStuff has a closer look…

2014 has been a pretty big year for gaming. We’ve already had a look at the games that wowed and excited us in 2014, but what about those that had the opposite effect?

Looking at this year’s games on Metacritic (which aggregates review scores from online gaming publications), we can have a brief overview of which titles were the most underwhelming in 2014.

Check out the list below:

5. Basement Crawl (PC, PS4) 

Attempting to be a somewhat strange dark and depressing version of Bomberman, the PC game Basement Crawl didn’t exactly live up to the expectations of its inspiration.

Destructoid puts it best: “Basement Crawl is not only a broken, unfinished game — it’s also a poor one.”

Basement Crawl 1

4. Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle (3DS) 

Based on the animated TV series, Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle tried to capture the intensity and excitement of its small-screen counterpart, however, things fell a little flat in, well, every department. 

“This is the very definition of lazy tie-in game, and one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone I wanted to speak with again in the future,” said Gamers’ Temple in its review.


3. Rambo: The Video Game (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) 

It shouldn’t be too difficult to make a Rambo video game fun, but somehow Reef Entertainment managed to do the impossible. 

“It only avoids the worst score I can give by virtue of the fact that it (just about) functions. Rambo inspires more anger than biting your tongue just after you’ve stubbed your toe,” explains OPM in its 2/10 review.

Rambo the video game

2. BlackSoul (PC) 

BlackSoul is a third-person survival horror adventure game which actually turned out to be more depressing than its name. 

“This could have been the return to old school survival horror that a lot of fans were hoping for. But in the end the scariest part of Black Soul is the fact that somebody actually was convinced this was ready to be released,” said Dutch gaming publication, 4Players.


1. The Letter (Wii U) 

If you’re looking to punish a friend or family member this Christmas, the adventure-horror title on the Wii U, The Letter, is a great gift to get them. 

“Don’t buy this. Don’t show this to friends as a joke. Don’t even say its name out loud. This is the game that shall not be named. This needs to die an unloved death on the Nintendo eShop purchased by absolutely no one,” warns Hardcore Gamer in its review.

The Letter

Which game was your least-favourite this year? Let us know in the comments section below:

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