5 Tech Life-Hacks To Save Your Day


Embrace the future and save yourself a lot of bother with these handy life-hacks.

Living a technology-influenced lifestyle can add to the convenience and enjoyment of your day-to-day activities, and both techies and newcomers to the world of gadgets can get the most out of it. So here’s five easy ways to help inject some tech into your lifestyle.

Ditch the paper

Rid yourself of the unnecessary paper trail by converting all your on-paper bills, notes and physical mail to digital form. For a start, change your bills to digital versions (it’s better for the environment and you’ll have a digital copy), and use your phone’s to-do app or notepad as a shopping list.

Mobile payment

Keep the vibe going, even in the shower

Whether you’re a music or radio-lover, there’s no need for the tunes to stop when you hit the shower for a quick scrub. There are affordable and compact water-resistant radios that can hang in your shower or bathroom so that you can continue listening to your favourite jams while washing your hair.

Shower Radio

Close your apps – save battery

It seems quite obvious – but it’s something that isn’t as easy to do as you might think. Many smartphones running high-end operating systems, such as Apple and Samsung devices, keep apps “running” in the background even when they’re minimised. Learn how to pull up your running apps list (double-tapping the ‘home’ button on iOS, and holding it down on Android devices), and completely close your apps to give your battery a longer lifespan.

Closing apps

Use mobile payment apps to lighten your pockets

Mobile payment apps, like the locally-developed SnapScan, may seem daunting, but they can ease the complications of taking money and bank cards out on the town. If you’re heading somewhere for dinner or drinks, check to see if they have SnapScan (many restaurants around SA are), and all you need for a good evening out is your mobile phone.


Recharge online

Those using pay-as-you-go or want a little data boost don’t need to head down to the local network store to get it; learn to use internet banking, which gives you access to purchasing mobile phone airtime and data immediately through a quick online transaction.

Buying airtime online is a similar process with most South African banks.

Buying airtime online is a similar process with most South African banks.

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