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5 Robots That Will Probably Enslave Us One Day

Here’s your future masters…

Robots are frightening. Sure they’re cool, technologically impressive, and helpful (most of the time), but having something that has the capability to think and act on its own is slightly worrying – yet humans still continue to make them smarter and more dangerous – haven’t these people ever seen Terminator!? Despite this, more advanced robots are constantly being worked on and developed, and we’re just counting the days until we’re under their reign. Here are 5 robots that will probably enslave us in the near future:


As robots begin to take over, they’ll do it subtly – we won’t even know what hit us. And what’s worse is they’ll hit us where it hurts most: our stomachs. This cereal-making bot will attack our pension for food, feeding us until we’re too rotund to move. It’ll also make a huge mess, which isn’t cool too.



Oh that’s just great – if robots themselves weren’t dangerous enough, teaching how to stab is probably not the best idea. This particular robot has been given the soul purpose to wield a knife and poke things violently. Trust us, this never (ever) ends well.


You think drones are dangerous now?

We humans aren’t very clever. We’ve JUST mastered the art of using a drone for productive things, like photography and spying on your neighbours, now we’ve gone and strapped a gun to one of them. Who’s side are the creators of these death-machine actually on?



OK, so when the robo-pocalypse (we’re trademarking that) inevitably happens, we’ll be able to outrun them right? Wrong. Boston Dynamics, one of the leading developers on robots (AKA our doom) have designed a four-legged mechanical monstrosity that has the ability to run 46km/h and never gets tired… because… it’s a robot.



Come to think of it, we’re not sure if humanity even deserves to survive to robo-pocalypse (trademark pending). Look at this poor defenceless robot who is being tricked into picking up a box, but not before a human slaps it away. Poor robot, we should teach it how to stab… wait…


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