5 Reasons To Check Out Lords Of The Fallen

Why should you pay attention to Square Enix’s latest action-RPG release, Lords of the Fallen?

Before even starting Lords of the Fallen, there were countless comparisons made to that of Dark Souls, and to be fair, a lot of them are warranted; but CI Games’ latest outing has its own unique merits and elements worth celebrating, so without further ado, here are 5 reasons to check out Lords of the Fallen: 

It’s gorgeous 

Lords of the Fallen is a title that next-gen consoles and powerful PCs will be glad to flaunt. It has gorgeous snow-swept environments, eerie castles and horrific creatures that are equally frightening and impressive to look at. There is a serious amount of attention paid to the finer details of the game, and it really shows on the newer consoles.

Lords of the Fallen screenshot 3

Don’t be afraid

There are plenty who will no doubt quite like the idea, having been attracted by the promise of Dark Souls’ brutal action and other in-depth yet difficult RPGs, but put off by their reputation. If that’s you, then you’ll find much to like about Lords of the Fallen. The game eases rookies to the genre into the ominous world of action-RPGs, without slashing your head off in the first two minutes.

Craft your own play style 

It’s up to you how to play. If you’ve chosen Warrior but find you prefer to use light armour and dual-wield daggers, that’s fine. The only limitation is the weight of your gear. You can cram your inventory with everything you find, since only the things you equip add to your burden. The heavier you are, the more limited you are in movement. Just like Dark Souls.

Lords of the Fallen screenshot

Cautious combat 

Pretty much everything else is just like Dark Souls as well. Combat rewards caution and timing, with combos that use less stamina the more precise you are. Blocking, parrying and picking the right moment to chip a few more chunks off the enemy health bar are the tactics du jour. Steam in, swinging like a madman, and you’ll be cut down in short order.

A lot to offer 

While there are no multiplayer modes and no online features that let others bleed into your game, the world of Lords of the Fallen does reward exploration and poking around, even if a lot of the areas are seemingly linear. There are loot chests aplenty, as well as multiple routes that can be opened up when retracing your steps. The post-completion content also makes a New Game + a promising proposition, with not only fresh loot but also new storylines and enemy encounters.

Lords of the Fallen screenshot 2

If you’ve played Lords of the Fallen, or really want to, let us know what you think of the game in the comments section below.

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