5 Most Unique Games of February 2016


Which games have caught our eye this month for thinking outside the box?

February is looking to be a pretty big month for game releases, but it’s not just the big-name titles attracting the attention, as there’s some unique and original games coming our way too. Here’s five that stand out from the bunch:

Not a Hero

Release date: 2 February (PS4)

Retro-style action games don’t get much more stylish, silly, or downright violent than Not a Hero, a game about a giant rabbit from the future who runs for mayor to clean up a city filled with criminals. The rabbit — named BunnyLord — hires you to gather a group of ultra-violent vigilantes and slaughter hordes of enemies. The over-the-top action will surely appeal to fans of movies like Kingsman and Django Unchained. Just try not to run out of ammo.


Release date: 25 February 2016 (PC, Xbox One)

“Time moves only when you move.” That’s the gist of Superhot, a stylish first-person shooter that started out as a small prototype made for a game jam. One Kickstarter and a year and a half later, Superhot is a dynamically paced and strategic action game that has the concept to match its unique looks, and we’re not letting out of our sights.


Release date: 9 February (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

We’ve been lacking some inventive side-scrolling puzzle-platformers in recent times, and Unravel looks to scratch that neglected itch this month. In Unravel you platform and puzzle your way around a human world as a little yarn creature named Yarny and yes, it looks every bit as adorable as it sounds. It’s a 2.5D sidescroller, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but man does it look gorgeous. And adorable. Hopefully it’s also fun and challenging.


Release date: 9 February (PS4, PC)

Firewatch is arguably the most intriguing narratively-based adventure game on tap for 2016 due to its prevailing sense of loneliness, unique art style and the ominous mystery that surrounds the game’s overarching narrative. You play as a Park Ranger, Henry, who is attempting to get his chaotic life in order by trading city life for the Wyoming wilderness. His only contact is his supervisor, Delilah, who you will come to know over the course of your journey. It will be interesting to see how well Campo Santo can drive the story forward with only two characters at the wheel.

Far Cry Primal

Release date: 23 February 2016 (Xbox One, PS4), 1 March (PC)

While an impressive high-quality series, a Far Cry franchise doesn’t waver too far from its winning formula, but this year’s instalment has made quite a U-turn, and it’s quite a divisive one. Far Cry Primal brings the classic Stone Age brutal violence of the series to the Stone Age itself. It’s a new setting,  featuring beast taming, new ancient weapons, and its own language; so we’ve credit where credit is due.

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