5 Gaming Heroes Who Need To Grow A Mo

Who are the virtual leading men who could do with a little flavour saver on the upper lip?

The gaming landscape features some of the manliest men around, but a bizarre fact is that very little of them actually don a moustache. We already had a look at some of the best mos on gaming characters, but it’s just not enough to fill the void of virtual upper-lip man-hair, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to suggest a few heroes who could do with a little moustache-action:

Aiden Pierce (Watch Dogs)

Watch Dogs features a new hero on the gaming block, Aiden Pierce, but while he’s always trying to hide and evade the authorities, why not throw a little mo to help out with that.

At the moment, the hacker/assassin has to be one of the most badass characters around, only speaking when he needs to and killing whatever comes between him and his mission.

While a little bit of a tragic hero, Aiden could do with an endearing moustache on his adventures. On top of that, he just has one of those faces that screams “handle-bars”.

Aiden Pierce Moustache

Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

Everyone’s favourite smooth-talking treasure hunter seems to have it all – good looks, witty lines, endless luck, globe spanning escapades and of course any girl he lays his eyes on.

Well, you’re wrong. One thing Nate is oblivious to is his own facial hair. The man does not have a mo, and he should. A moustachioed Nathan Drake would add greater depth to his suave demeanour and have the ladies chasing him for a change.

Nathan Drake moustache

Kratos (God of War)

You don’t really get manlier than the god of war himself, do you? Kratos has shown gamers his brutality and visceral fighting techniques as he disembowels minotaurs and pulls other god’s heads off; but now if he only showed some class in his masculinity.

While Kratos is rocking a pretty impressive goatee, a little mo would do him wonders. Not only would he look even manlier, but his enemies will see him as a more dignified and civilized opponent, rather than a blood thirsty savage (which we don’t really mind by the way).

Kratos moustache

Batman (Arkham series)

Bruce Wayne is a man of the utmost elegance (he’s a billionaire for crying out loud); then why is he not donning a moustache?

The Dark Knight is a no-nonsense crime-fighter, and his police buddy Jim Gordon is fulfilling the badass mo requirements of Gotham, so Wayne should get his act together and upgrade to a moustachioed masked crime fighting force.

Not only would the moustache dignify Bruce at all of his fancy soirees, but it’ll also hide and protect his upper-lip when he’d performing his nightly duties.

Batman Moustache

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

Similar to Kratos, Gears of War’s main protagonist seems to have the manly attitude down. Fenix takes a no-holds barred approach as he curb stomps and chainsaws his way through hordes of Locust without blinking.

His tough guy front still requires one thing though – the mo. A glorious moustache would be a perfect match for Fenix’s straight-faced grimace, and with Fenix’s right-hand man Dom showing off his beard in Gears 3, hopefully Marcus will be flashing the ‘stache sometime soon.

Marcus Fenix moustache

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