5 Future Gadgets We’re Running out of Patience Waiting For

Hoverboard technology

We take a look at five gadgets that we can’t wait to introduce into our lives.

Movies, TV and books have given us glimpses of the future, and it’s pretty spectacular. There are gadgets, gizmos, and toys that improve everyone’s lives and make things that much more fun. After the announcement that Nike will be making the iconic Mag shoes from Back to the Future, we’ve decided enough is enough. Here are some gadgets we’re waiting a little too long for, we think:


The epic flying skateboard from Back to the Future Part II has frustrated its would-be creators for decades now. A few companies have come close, most notably Tesla and Hendo, but they require magnetism and a specialised surface to work. We understand there’s some technical hoops to jump through, but it’s about time we join Marty McFly and cruise straight into the awesomeness that is the future.

Back to the Future 2

Invisibility cloaks

Don’t you sometimes want to just disappear? Whether it be to hide from that disgruntled ex or to avoid being peer-pressured to having to go to that opera your family has been dying to see, we all need exits. An invisibility cloak would give everyone the necessary Houdini trick to vanish out of sight – never having to explain your awkward and unwanted moments.

Invisibility Cloak

Self-driving cars… that work

Yeah, self-driving cars exist, kind of. Tesla, Google, and a few other manufacturers are trying their hands at the automated technology, but there still seems to be some… mishaps for lack of a better word (exhibit A).

We can’t wait for the day where we can sit back, have a snooze, and wake up at our destination. If the car can speak like Night Rider’s KITT, then that’s just a bonus.

Knight Rider

Robot slaves

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking – this may be venturing into the realm of Skynet-esque apocalypse, but having a little robotic helper around could do wonders. We don’t have to give them AI that’s advanced enough to know how overworked they are, but just enough so that they know where the fridge is and the command “bring me a beer”.

Beer Robot


C’mon, smart people of the world! It’s been over thirty years since we were first introduced to the idea of a lightsaber in Star Wars: A New Hope, yet we still don’t have them readily available. Having to see them in action again in The Force Awakens is just a sore and painful reminder that the human race isn’t up to speed. Imagine slicing your morning toast or trimming your plants with a giant laser sword. Now that is the future.

Light saber

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