5 Biggest Movie Releases In SA This Weekend

Victor Frankenstein

Which movies are hitting our big-screens this weekend? MenStuff gives you the low-down on what’s what.

If you’re hitting the movies this weekend, there’s a bunch of great new releases to keep you entertained, including a monstrous experiment gone wrong, a Christmas-inspired comedy, and a bone-chilling thriller, among other things.

These are the movie releases from Friday, 11 December 2015:

The Night Before

Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood. For a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity. However, now that they are entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end. To make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball – the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.


Victor Frankenstein

In this dynamic and thrilling twist on the legendary tale, radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé, Igor Strausman Daniel Radcliffe, share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality. But Victor’s experiments go too far, and his obsession has horrifying consequences. Only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.


The Gift

Jason Bateman leads up this psychological thriller. Bateman stars as Simon, who, along with his wife, is blindsided by a chance encounter with an acquaintance from Simon’s high school sends their world into a harrowing tailspin. Simon doesn’t recognise Gordo at first but, after a series of uninvited encounters and mysterious gifts from Simon’s ex-schoolmate prove troubling, the young married couple’s lives are thrown into a tormenting tailspin. A horrifying secret from the past is uncovered after more than 20 years, and Simon’s wife, Robyn, starts to question if past bygones are ever really bygones and how well we really know the people closest to us.


Love the Coopers

An ensemble cast including Alan Arkin, Amanda Seyfried, Anthony Mackie, Diane Keaton, Ed Helms, John Goodman, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei, and Olivia Wilde collide when four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration, as a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down. This leads them all towards a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the true spirit of the holiday.


The Little Prince

The Little Prince is an animated adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved novella about a pilot (voice of Jeff Bridges) who crash lands in the Sahara desert and encounters a peculiar young boy who claims to be an extra-terrestrial prince. Benicio Del Toro, James Franco, and Jeff Bridges all lend their voices to the movie.


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1 Comment

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