5 Best Rugby World Cup Ads To Get You Pumped

Rugby World Cup ads

Which Rugby World Cup 2015 ads have us most excited for the action that’s set to unfold in England?

The Rugby World Cup, which is being hosted by England, kicks off this weekend on 18 September and brands are clamouring to show their support. There’s a wealth of commercials out there, but we’ve rounded up the best ads for your viewing pleasure.

Lucozade – “Home nations only”

Lucozade Sport has partnered with the northern hemisphere home nations for the duration of the Rugby World Cup, and the energy drink is ensuring that only England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are to benefit from it. The brand’s new ad takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the southern hemisphere’s stars having their shot at securing some Lucozade for themselves, but they’re going to have to look and sound the part to get it.

O2 – “Make them giants”

England rugby’s official sponsor, O2, has put together a brilliantly-animated ad which encaptulates the influence the public’s support has on the home side. With every jersey worn, poster hung, or chant sung, the England rugby stars grow in morale and stature (literally), making them an imposing force to deal with when it comes to game-time.

Guiness – “Never Alone”

Guiness, the official beer partner of the English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish national teams, has been playing on the heartstrings of rugby fans with their latest TV spot. Featuring Welsh legend Gareth Thomas, the “Never Alone” ad focuses on the internal qualities and comraderie of rugby players. Thomas even speaks about the moment of coming out as gay to his Welsh team-mates – something that was incredibly duanting for Thomas, but revered by the rugby community.

Land Rover South Africa – “Know your rugby laws?”

While most brands have gone with something serious or emotional, Land Rover SA have embraced the Rugby World Cup with a set of humorous shorts, each with a funny twist of rugby’s most infamous laws. They’re brilliant, punchy, and

Saru – “Home ground advantage”

The South African Rugby Union has done a great job to up the enthusiasm of Springbok fans, and the “Home ground advantage” campaign is a great example of that. The message conveyed explores the idea that South African voices travel the world, and giving the backing of a home ground advantage (even when away from home) is possible. Add some inspirational music, motivational quotes, and you’ve got a classic advert on your hands.


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