4 Future Travel Solutions We All Need Right Now

The future is now, and here’s how to get there!

Using our legs is so 2015. In the age of technological advancement and ingenious traversal solutions, there’s no need to use the ole meat-pins to get us from A to B. There’s a plethora of gadgets, devices, and services to help us get around, and we’ve rounded up 5 of the best you should be using right now:

Self-driving Uber

Sure, Uber is already a pretty incredible service, but we’ve only touched  the cusp of what’s to come from the app-based transport company. Uber has been trialling its autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the States’ key cities for a little while now, and so far so good, apparently. At the moment, self-driving Ubers can be hailed between 7am and 10pm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and only in a downtown area that has previously been meticulously mapped to within centimetres; but it’s a start! And we can’t to hop aboard the automated travel revolution.


Jetpacks have to be the most sought-after things since our first viewing of The Jetsons back in the early 90s. While there’s been a few relatively successful (yet super-dangerous) attempts, a company called JetPack Aviation has finally built the world’s first true jetpack. Called the JB-9, the new device is “a jet turbine-powered backpack capable of vertical takeoff and landing.” JetPack Aviation is currently in the process of developing its next jetpack model, the JB-10. It hopes the JB-10 will be able to stay in the air for 10 minutes or more at a time, and reach speeds of 160 km/h. The company hopes to make its jetpacks commercially available soon, so in a few years you may finally be able to live out your childhood jetpack fantasy.


Electric skateboards are the new form of travel for inner-city and suburban-dwellers, and South African company Houdt is introducing its very-own battery-powered board this season. Weighing just around the 7kg mark and measuring at 92cm, the Houdt Freeboard boasts speeds of up to 30kms/h, which is perfect – because you can cover around 30 kilometres on a single 4-hour charge. The Freeboard can also tackle inclines of 25% meaning a reasonable mountain pass shouldn’t be too challenging. The Freeboard is also available in two forms – Cruiser and Rider.

Pre-order your Houdt Freeboard today.

Jive bike

Bicycles are still fantastic forms of transport, but where to keep them and the effort they require to ride (especially when you’re running late for that awkward meeting with the boss) can put most commuters off. Enter the sleek Jive bike from London-based Jam Vehicles. The electric-assisted folding bicycle eliminates would-be-riders’ traditional gripes about getting in the saddle. Thanks to a 250w brushless electric motor, mounted inside the front wheel hub, there is sufficient scoot for a 25 km/h ride, and it’s chainless, mechanical drivetrain (a combination of shaft and belt drives) housed inside the frame also prevents any mechanical breakdowns along the way. Add this to the fact that the bike is collapsible (in about 15 seconds) into a small push-able unicycle which you can take into the office or living space is a massive win.

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