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3 Biggest Game Releases This Week

Game releases December 2015

Looking for a new game this week? We take a look at what’s hitting SA store shelves and digital outlets.

We’ve finally made it to the final month of the year, but while December can sometimes be a quiet month in terms of gaming releases, we’re in for a treat this week, with the release of Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Xenoblade: Chronicles X.

Just Cause 3

Release date: 1 December 2015 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)Buy on Raru.co.za

The adrenaline-inducing Just Cause 3 is one of the most exciting-looking games coming our way this month, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. The open-world action sequel sees returning protagonist Rico Rodriguez battling an evil dictatorship in his home country – so you can expect explosions, guns, and a lot of stunts.

Like previous games in the series, Rico’s best friends are a grapple mechanic that allows him to hook onto nearly any object, and a new wing suit that lets him free fall at extreme speed.

The title features a 400 square mile map covering three main areas, each of which will be explorable from the start. Rico can take command of Medici’s towns and use them to fast travel, hideout or save vehicles that can be called in as supply drops.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Release date: 1 December 2015 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – Buy on Raru.co.za

After a relatively long hiatus, the tactical shooting series of Rainbow Six is back with style.

Siege focuses on intense and tactical close-quarter battles – such as breaching scenarios and hostage situations – where teamwork and quick-thinking is required by both teams to accomplish their objectives or foil the other team’s.

The game will also feature heavy emphasis on destruction, as players can break structures by planting explosives on them, or to make bullet holes on walls by shooting it. The environments of the game feature a layered material system, in which environmental objects of different materials will show different reactions to player’s attack.

Xenoblade: Chronicles X

Release date: 4 December 2015 (Wii U) – Buy on Raru.co.za

The original Xenoblade Chronicles was an open-world RPG that came out exclusively for Wii a few years ago, and it found a cult following among RPG fans who had adopted Nintendo’s console. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a spiritual successor to that game, featuring many of the same elements that made the original a hit. The plot kicks off as an alien war in 2054 makes Earth unlivable, the so surviving humans strike out among the stars to settle on a planet called Mira. The only problem is that the aliens have followed. RPG fans will definitely want to keep an eye on this one.


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