3 Big Movies Releasing In SA This Weekend

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We take a look at the biggest and best big-screen adventures that you need to keep your eyes and ears out for this weekend.

If you’re hitting the cinema this weekend, you’ll have a choice of some interesting movies from a variety of different genres.

Here’s our picks for the movies releasing Friday, 22 January 2016:

Daddy’s Home

Release date: Friday 22 January 2016

2010’s action comedy The Other Guys was a hilariously successful outing and collaboration between two polarising actors, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, so it was only a matter of time before the two did another project together. This time, the film gets a domestic setting, throwing Farrell and Wahlberg into a feud to see who can win the illustrious title of “Greatest Dad.” It’s sure to be full of ridiculous pranks, jokes, and some outlandish moments.

We got to see Daddy’s Home and put our thoughts in our review here.

The Revenant

Release date: Friday 22 January 2016

Perhaps the most visually stunning film to come out in a while is The Revenant. This based-on-real-events survivalist saga by Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a fur trader who, after barely living through a bear attack, seeks revenge against a traitorous comrade (Tom Hardy). It’s violent, brutal, and awe-inspiring from beginning to end.

Norm of the North

Release date: Friday 22 January 2016

Since Minions and Penguins of Madagascar, and furthermore Disney’s recent The Good Dinosaur, animated movies haven’t been as prominent at the box-office, especially over the holiday period, but another CGI laugh-fest is on the way to get things back on track in 2016. With help from his furry sidekicks, a polar bear (Rob Schneider) travels to New York to stop a maniacal developer from building luxury condominiums in the Arctic. It clearly doesn’t have the budget of other big-name animated flicks, but it should deliver some good humour and stylised visuals.

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