3 Adventure Races You Have To Try

Finding the motivation to challenge yourself can often be difficult, so why not sign up to one of these races to kick-start your workout regime?

There’s no doubt it, it is hard being a man in 2014! Why? Because there just aren’t enough opportunities to show off your true manliness. Sure, there’s the odd jar-opening incident with your girlfriend or the occasional heavy box lifting opportunity but does that really showcase what you, a man, are capable of achieving? Nope.

Luckily for men everywhere there is a solution to this common problem; the adventure race. I mean, who doesn’t look physically awesome and completely manly while doing an adventure race?

If you’re the outdoorsy type and like running around in the mud and dust while attempting various physically challenging obstacles then you my friend were built for the adventure race. And because we know researching what adventure race is perfect for you might not be at the top of your priority list we‘ve gone and done it for you!

Check out this list of epic adventure races you just have to try:

1. Impi Challenge:

The most well-known adventure race in South Africa, the Impi Challenge, is a must try. It’s a fun race with a strong emphasis on team work. Teams dress up and compete in a range of different races including the Impi Challenge (a 12km trail run with 18 obstacles), Impi Dash (a 6km trail run with 9 obstacles) and Impi Corporate (a 12km team building adventure). There’s also the Impi Mini for kids (a 1.2km run with fun obstacles along the way) and the more serious Impi Elite (a 20km trail run with 28 obstacles). The races take place in both Cape Town and Joburg once a year.

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Impi Challenge

2. Warrior Race:

Warrior Race is a little more serious than Impi and a little more hardcore but is still a fun thing to do as a team. The great thing about this race is that you can tailor your experience to be as intense or as mild as you want it to be. Mud enthusiasts can choose to sign up for the Warrior Rookie (a 5 km run with 15 obstacles), Commando (a 10km run with 20 obstacles) and the super intense Black Ops (a 16km run with 30 obstacles). Another great thing about the Warrior Race is that unlike Impi it comes around a few times a year so you can use them as a form of training and track your progress.

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Warrior Race

3. Jump City Challenge:

If it’s different you want then it’s different you will get with the Jump City Challenge. This awesome urban challenge takes place in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban and is a great to see your city in a different light. Runners can choose to take part in the day or night challenges and experience the thrill and adventure of a 10km obstacle course through the streets, stairs and alleys of your city. Nothing is off limits! The events take place once a year so make sure you get training and sign up for an event in your city soon.

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Jump City Challenge

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