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The Beer Machine Makes Homebrewing Insanely Easy

Who needs to go to the local bar? Homebrewing just got that much easier.

Imagine the scene; your mates rock up at your house unannounced and looking thirsty so you head to the fridge to grab a brew for everyone only to realise that you didn’t stocked up after last weekend’s braai. Water anyone?

There’s probably nothing worse than that moment when you realise you’ve run out of beer and we’ve decided that it’s up to us to make sure that no South African man has to experience this turmoil ever again. That’s why we’re introducing you to the genius that is The Beer Machine – a homebrew machine that makes brewing your own beer easier than making a toasted cheese.

The Beer Machine is sold by local online site Brew and Braai and is a super affordable and easy way to make quality beer at home. This nifty gadget was designed by beer breweing professionals and will ensure that you are never without the golden nectar of the gods ever again.

All you need brew your own great tasting beer at home is the awesome machine and and the all-natural Beer Mixes from Brew and Braai. This machine takes the somewhat complex process of beer brewing and makes it simple — seriously it’s just like baking a cake using pre-mix and to mess it up you have to be really, really special. The beer mixes are made from the finest-quality malted barley grains, so there’s no extra work involved, you just pour your beer mix into the machine, add water and wait. And, if you’re worried about taste then you will be excited to hear that you can also adjust the taste and carbonation of your beer.


We also love that the machine is a compact (it takes up the same space a 6-pack) and an all-in-one fermenter, conditioning vessel, and keg dispenser. Once your beer is done fermenting in the machine (this takes a few days) you move the entire machine to the fridge where the beer will then clarify and absorb the natural carbonation produced during fermentation. After 7 – 10 days your beer will done and all that’s left for you to do then is tap it directly from the machine and enjoy. The machine makes up to 10 litres of beer and will keep your beer fresh for up to three months which means you will always have fresh, cold beer on tap.

The Beer Machine will set you back R2,499 and the beer mixes about R200 per mix.

For more information visit the Brew and Beer website.

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