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SBW: League is tougher than Union

Sonny Bill Williams

Union and league superstar claims the 13-man game is far tougher.

Sonny Bill Williams

Ahead of his Rugby League World Cup debut, code-hopping star Sonny Bill Williams has confessed that playing League is tougher than Union.

“Rugby union is a bigger sport globally, but rugby league is a lot tougher,” said the 28-year old Williams, who played inside-centre in Union and currently plays as a forward in League.

“In union I played in the backs, kicking stones with the pretty boys and doing my hair, while in league I’m in the middle doing the hard yards. It’s a very tough sport and a tough competition.”

Williams is looking to become the first dual-code World Cup winner after securing the trophy in 2011 with the All Blacks.

“It’s just a good feeling to be back. It’s like being in the All Blacks – you’ve got your pranksters and your serious guys, but it’s just a good bunch of fellas and you become like brothers. You’re playing for one another and I think that’s a unique thing we have as Kiwis.

“Five years ago I couldn’t have imagined (winning both World Cups) in my wildest dreams, but there’s a lot of hard work to be done.”

“I just do what I do, keep it humble, work hard, do all my extras and try to gain my team-mates’ respect by doing the things you don’t see on the TV. Everything that happens above that is a bonus. I just try to base my game on hard work.”

The Kiwis take on Samona on October, 27.

Source: NZAUTV

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