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Rugby 2014: what we want

rugby 2014

What’s on the wishlist for the future rugby coming?

It’s been a while since the last rugby game was released, and although fans and gamers alike still stick to Rugby 08, Rugby World Cup 2011 and/or Rugby Challenge, they all have their fair share of flaws.

We’re all hoping for an announcement of a new rugby game, however there are a few things on everyone’s wishlist. Here is what we would love to see in Rugby 2014/Rugby 14. 

Player likenesses

Obviously not every player in the game can be specifically modeled and animated, but hopefully we’ll see the most distinguishable players feature their identifiable appearance, along with their running and kicking style, such as Habana’s hunched-over sprinting or Morne Steyn’s relaxed kicking form.

Rugby Challenge

Rugby Challenge featured the best player likenesses in the genre.

Dynamic Tackles

One thing that definitely needs some attention is the tackling animations. What we’ve seen so far in previous rugby games is not bad, but everyone would like to see some nice variation and unpredictability in the animations and movements. The Euphoria engine (Red Dead Redemption, Backbreaker) would do wonders for this, as well as sidestepping.


Backbreaker utilised the Euphoria engine to generate unique and physics-based tackles for every instance.


Momentum plays a big role in the sport of rugby, and this applies to the general play of the game, as well as the fancy footwork and sidesteps from many of the world’s greatest backs (and sometimes forwards). The stepping mechanic needs to be more dynamic and fluid, as opposed to a pre-canned animation that we saw in previous Rugby iterations. Imagine FIFA 13’s momentum and weight, with Madden or Backbreaker’s stepping system.

Rugby League Live 2 screenshot

Rugby League Live 2

No more “star” players

A complete removal of the “Star Players” feature would be a welcomed removal in the genre. While there are those moments that will scream for individual brilliance, the team chemistry and tactics will play a greater role than one player’s (often overrated) ability. For example: while Habana is extremely fast, space needs to be created to unleash him. Rugby Challenge focused more on player stats than that of star players, and that aspect worked well for Sidhe’s game.


These are the moments of individual brilliance we refer to in the previous point; as one’s tact and reading of the pass can result in a game changing interception. Interceptions play an important part of today’s game and it would be awesome to see it implemented effectively into the game.

Rugby League Live 2 did implement interceptions well, although they can still be improved upon.

Rugby League Live 2

Rugby League Live 2

Holding-up of the ball

Many tries can be saved from holding-up the ball over the in-goal area. The ability to possibility tackle an opponent over the try line and then enter a quick button-mashing sequence in order to hold-up the ball, could add a new dimension to the defending (as well as attacking) element of the gameplay.

This mechanic has featured in Rugby League Live 2 and Rugby Challenge, however some more depth in the way you make the last-ditch tackle could add a lot to the defensive role of the player.

Backline moves on-the-fly

Rugby 08 and Rugby World Cup 2011′s set-plays were a huge step in the right direction, but while they were effective, you never seemed to have enough time executing them from general play. A quick move initiation mechanic would be a great leap for the next rugby game.

We’re not talking about the elaborate moves from the set-ppieces (those can function on their own), but the ability to call a move, such as a switch for example, whereby (during play) you could tap the D-pad, allowing for your outside play to cut in and recieve an inside pass. This would add a tremendous amount of diversity and tactics to the way your backline (and forwards) move.

Rugby World Cup 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011’s backline moves worked, but took too long to execute.

Chip Kicks

While Rugby Challenge allows any player to chip the ball over the defenders, the weight and depth of your chipping options was incredibly limited.

Rugby League Live 2’s chip-kick is one of the best in the genre, and future rugby games could take a note out of its book.

Bounce of the ball

Strangely, Rugby 05 has more realistic ball physics than newer rugby games. In most games, the ball seems to always bounce like a soccer ball – straight and predictable. We all know this is not the case in regards to a rugby ball.

Hopefully we’ll see a better weight and physics to the ball, whereby a lucky (or unlucky) bounce of the ball could result in a try, or tactical kicking being negatively or positively affected by the bounce.

Rugby 05 screenshot

Strangely, Rugby 05 still has some of the best ball physics in the rugby genre.

If you want to get your voice heard, check out the Facebook petition for Rugby 14. “Like” and follow the page updates to see the progress of the campaign.

Rugby 14

Rugby 14 (fan-made box art)

What would you like to see in the a future rugby game? Anything in particular you hope is added or removed?



  1. Gilly

    March 5, 2013 at 21:26

    It should be the same as fifa with the ultimate team system, that would be awesome then!

  2. Tom

    March 5, 2013 at 21:33

    Obviously teams and player likenesses from the major European leagues as well as the Super Rugby. A 7s feature would also be much welcomed

  3. Spud

    March 5, 2013 at 21:37

    Be a pro mode!! (Also, licensing is a major issue. Any good game needs licences for clubs and countries. Rugby 08 had few licenced clubs and rugby challenge has few licenced countries, that needs to be sorted)

  4. Spavo11

    March 5, 2013 at 21:52

    a 7’s feature and also getting the licensing to be able to transfer players so you can update the teams to the players they have

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 5, 2013 at 22:18

      7s would be amazing, but think they may need to rework some of the tackling and passing aspects of the game, given the different nature of 7s.

  5. dk

    March 5, 2013 at 22:06

    proper counter ruckin like bitting on the ball,being able to play illegally at the breakdown to?

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 5, 2013 at 22:19

      The illegal play could become a tough thing to implement though.

  6. DGK*

    March 5, 2013 at 22:32

    The ability to brawl! Perhaps there could an aggression & discipline bar so that when one fills and the other drains, the option to instigate in a small-scale push-and-shove is available.

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 8, 2013 at 09:47

      Haha! I remember NHL had a brawling system! Was fun!

  7. wtaki

    March 5, 2013 at 22:41

    Licensing. And in rugby challenge all the southern hemisphere club teams were much better than the northern hemisphere teams.

    Something similar to World Challenge from rugby 08 but improved would be great.

    Also an improved offload system, Rugby Challenge had the right idea but frequent 30m offloads killed the game. The frequency of knock-ons on Rugby Challenge was also frustrating.

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 8, 2013 at 09:47

      The licensing is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to overcome!

      And yeah, the offload system needs some work!


    March 5, 2013 at 22:55

    Definitely some form of career or manager mode with the ability to take over/manage clubs/franchises…. Something based on the FIFA series….?

  9. juan

    March 5, 2013 at 23:33

    Carre cup

  10. isaac rushton

    March 6, 2013 at 11:56

    they should have a career mode life madden 🙂

    • isaac rushton

      March 6, 2013 at 11:57

      sorry life should be like :/

  11. EA4RUGBY

    March 8, 2013 at 05:49

    With the ‘hold up’ tackles, IF EA were to make (BY THE WAY EA SAID THEY ARE THINKING OF ADDING A FEW MORE SPORTS CODES TO THEIR LIST, RUGBY MABYE ??????) a Rugby game and IF they did add a Euphoria engine or whatever than that could just suit itself don’t you think? Like Bacbreaker does.

    • James N-Y

      March 8, 2013 at 08:56

      Very confusing… But agreed.

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 8, 2013 at 09:46

      Saw that statement from EA – maybe, just MAYBE, rugby is one of those!!

  12. James N-Y

    March 8, 2013 at 08:58

    If they could make a rugby game exactly like Backbreaker, that would be amazing!!!! Tackle Alley with JP Pietersen or Ma’a Nonu would be TOO LEGIT.

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 8, 2013 at 09:46


      • James N-Y

        March 8, 2013 at 11:08

        Oh man!!!! My life would be complete. You’d want Nonu because you could bounce more tacklers… but Nanai-Williams would be insane! Stepping and carving through the tacklers would be too easy!

  13. DdP

    March 14, 2013 at 11:02

    A mutli season tournament to purchase/trade & release players when needed.
    Latest available provinsial/local/international teams with the odd “past heroes” to be added from dlc’s.
    Various kits used over the years also on dlc’s

  14. Joe Smith

    March 19, 2013 at 18:35

    ultiamte team like fifa omg that would be amazing! !!!!

  15. Leon Harding

    June 13, 2013 at 17:09

    Player and team ratings were never really accurate… And a franchise mode like in madden would be awesome… Having the ability to play with your favorite team, and buying players and youth squad players

  16. orange guava

    October 20, 2013 at 18:22

    And put the absa Currie cup as well as realistic player creation and the players must look extremely detailed because rugby challenge looked shit

  17. jdn

    October 22, 2013 at 17:52

    should have the option to create your own set piece s

  18. George Clifford Villiers

    October 31, 2013 at 03:33

    Make an online verson =millions of rugby fans playing (a game like Football Superstars) where you have the abillity to train at the gym and have a socail life while also playing rugby

  19. timtranslates

    February 1, 2014 at 17:09

    How about incorporating rugby league into the same game? Rugby league games have generally been poor compared to the union games. Given the less international scope of rugby league, game makers can’t warrant investing so much in a game. But there’s so much overlap between the sports in terms of the actions and manoeuvres (the main differences are in the rules) that it shouldn’t be that difficult to incorporate union and league into the same game.

  20. Byron

    March 4, 2014 at 13:52

    Hi I think the new rugby game would be awesome if it had a be a pro mode like FIFA and manager mode like FIFA and then if it had more comps like the World Cup, 6 nations, 4 nations, super rugby, top 14, currie cup, prodirect12, 7s world tour! Then the game would sell like hot cakes!! I know for a fact that countries like USA, South Africa , Australia , New Zealand , Argentina England Scotland Wales France this game would sell out on its 1st day of launching!!! Come EA sports wake up and make the game please!!! It will help you guys when making the next Olympics game when 7s rugby will be apart of it!!!

  21. ben

    March 21, 2014 at 14:44

    it will be cool if u could choose a rugby team from every era for exp; that u can take England’s team from 2003 and customize it with the team england use now.

  22. Connor

    April 18, 2014 at 11:43

    Firstly they need to get the licenses sorted out(really detracted from the previous games), I would like to see player ratings fluctuate over a season with form/experience, and I would like to see a nba2k style my career option(work your player up from club to the national team however you want)

  23. Tiaan Jordaan

    May 3, 2014 at 21:47

    I would like to see better AI

  24. Hugo

    May 6, 2014 at 16:19

    Rory Best and Nick Cummins on the cover!!

  25. Leo

    June 9, 2014 at 23:12

    Better maul mechanics, have manual attempt to set up maul plays, sometimes successful sometimes not, and some unplanned mauls as well, high and low tackles like Rugby league 2 with each style having its advantages. high=less chance offload., low tackle = more secure tackle but more chance of offloads, must have animation for standing back up after a tackle to attempt a contest for the ball(Rugby Challenge 2).
    Added penalties for rucks, and scrums.

  26. Rikus

    October 1, 2014 at 16:07

    It wil be awesome if you can buy players from under 21 teams and coach your team in the gym it must have 7s on it and absa currie cup it must be awesome because rugby challenge were shirt.

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