New Hope Clothing Breathes Life Into SA Style

New Hope Clothing

SA-based fashion brand New Hope Clothing is doing something different for the local scene.

There are some incredible local brands which are making a name for themselves, and one of the most eye-catching is that of New Hope Clothing.

The brand, which was established in 2009, aims to cater for the alternative fashion lovers, and as the name suggests, attempts (and succeeds) to embody the idea of ‘hope’ and ‘positivity’.

The brand caters for male (as well as female) t-shirts, v-necks and hats, and there are some awesome designs available which rival the creativity and innovation seen from many international brands.


There are also winter and summer ranges – with some different long and short-sleeve styles available – so you can look snazzy in New Hope all year round.

New Hope Clothing also endorses a bunch of local artists – including CrashCarBurn, City of Heroes, and The Narrow.

So check out New Hope Clothing and have a look at their online store.

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