Mr Price Shows Off Summer T-Shirts

Mr Price Oakridge shirt header

Mr Price showcases some new threads for the summer season, including some snazzy and simple shirt designs to cater for every taste.

In anticipation for summer, Mr Price has shown off its t-shirt range to get the guys into the mood for some hot weather and stylish tops.

Mr Price’s RT range and Oakridge includes some new shirts that feature a lot of vintage prints and patterns – and there are also some floral designs for those looking to make their presence known.

A nice touch is some of the new designs which wrap entirely around the shirt, which is something quite different to what RT and Oakridge has done before.

Check out some of our favourite items below and the video for the new range, which does include some awesome stuff for the ladies too.

You can check more out on the Mr Price online store.

Mr Price RT and Oakridge shirt range 2014-2015

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