Becoming A Cooking God Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Learning how to cook like a boss shouldn’t be as complicated as it seems, and it’s not, thanks to Daily Dish.

The ability to put edible food on a plate for yourself and other people to consume is an important skill for a man to have in this day and age. If you are over the age of 25 and now fending for yourself then we are sure that the struggle of surviving without mom’s cooking is real! Luckily for you and everyone who has to endure your cooking (whether it be your girlfriend, housemate or sister) there are solutions to these problems. One of these solutions is Daily Dish – a super clever meal delivery service that will no doubt turn you into a god in the kitchen. Here’s why you need to try it out and pronto!

Daily Dish a great service for anyone wanting to spice up their time in the kitchen or spend a little less time in the grocery store and a little more time at the beach. So whether you want to learn a new trick or two, know absolutely nothing about cooking or hate grocery shopping this service is for you.

So how does it work exactly? It’s simple really, all you need to do is sign up for their weekly delivery service and each Monday they will deliver a box containing a set of four detailed recipes along with fresh ingredients pre-packaged in exact quantities for each recipe. All that’s left for you to do then is cook. The recipes give you tips on how to prepare each step and most of the recipes will only take you 30 minutes. It’s pure genius really and everyone will be wondering where your new-found chef-like skills have suddenly come from.


We also love that there are few menu types to choose from so you can slot it right in to your lifestyle. There’s the Classic menu for those who like a little bit of anything and everything (4 meals for 4 people will set you back R850 a week | 4 meals for 2 people will set you back R590 per week), the Low-Carb menu which is perfect for Banters or Paleo (4 meals for 4 people is R885 a week | 4 meals for 2 people is R620 per week), and the Vegetarian menu which is a great option for those who would prefer not to eat meat (4 meals for 4 people is R715 a week | 4 meals for 2 people is R540 per week). We must say the vegetarian menu is all kinds of impressive as the dishes are so much more than just salads and cous-cous.

As for the subscription you can stop and start whenever you like so there’s no real commitment involved – if you hate then you can just stop and go back to a life where you shopped for your own groceries and ate nothing but two-minute noodles. Daily Dish operates in both Cape Town and Joburg and so it’s super convenient too.

For more information on Daily Dish visit their website.

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