9-Year-Old Makes Cookie Empire, Dresses Like A Boss

corys Cookies

This kid has proven that it takes a bit of dreaming and pro-activity to achieve something great.

If you’ve ever needed another reminder that you’re underachieving in life, a young kid has managed to build himself a profit-generating cookie company, and he’s only nine years old.

Cory Nieves is the founder of Mr. Corey’s Cookies, which is a start-up he decided to make when he got bored of playing with his dinosaurs, or whatever else nine year olds these days are supposed to be doing.

The motivation for his company was to help generate some money to help his mom buy a car, but his small business idea has now blossomed into a fully-fledged business, with multiple variations of cookies on offer. All you really need in life, to be honest.

Not only is he more successful and ambitious than most 20 or even 30-somethings out there, but he is one of the best-dressed cats around. Just check out some of his Instagram posts.

Cory, MenStuff salutes you.

Check out the original post on Buzzfeed.

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