We Test the Puma Ignite Ultimate Running Shoes

We pounce of Puma’s new light-weight running shoes to see if they can inject a spring into your step.

The running shoe market is full of some pretty extensive options. There’s everything from complex trail-running shoes to flat-footed trainers, so when simplicity and versatility is what you need, Puma’s new Ignite Ultimate runners are up for the challenge; so we took them out on a test-run to see how they hold up.

Coming back from a knee ligament injury, I was extremely hesitant to put my faith in some unfamiliar shoes on a hard surface, but my concerns were diminished when feeling out the Ignites.

Firstly, this is a simple shoe that highlights Puma’s new Ignite foam material, which is incredibly light and compressible to create the softest and lightest impact on your foot when running – exactly what I needed.

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Underfoot, the midsole is made from the bouncy polyurethane compound that provides even more spring to your steps and to protect your soles from the jolt of running. The result is a feeling of greater cushioning and some energy-return from the flexible, chevron-like soles. So, in simple terms, for someone who wants to minimise the impact of running on your body, but retain the energy of your movement, these things do the job.

Running on hard concrete was extremely subdued, and even more so when testing them on a grass field. The significant reduction of impact made it a far more pleasurable experience, also due to the light weight of the shoes (303g) thanks to Puma’s AirMesh uppers and Ignite unders.

And of course, we can’t not talk about the coat of paint on these bad boys. The men’s come in an atomic blue, with bursts of red and silver. They’re highly visible for darker runs and slick enough to be worn casually, if you’re going for that sporty look, of course.

The price may be daunting to some, but the Puma Ignite runners are a welcome relief to people who want to do casual activities, but find ordinary shoes to be lacking in terms of cushioning. The shoe is truly comfortable, without being mushy. Whether you are out for a walk or have some training to do on the track, the Puma Ignite delivers.

The Puma Ignite Ultimate running shoes are priced at R2,199 from Puma stores and selected retailers nationwide.

Puma Ignite Test

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