Vans Revamps the Era with ‘ComfyCush’ Tech

VANS Comfycrush Era

Vans’ ComfyCush technology brings new-world comforts to old-school design.

Vans, as a skate brand, has been an ever-present fixture in the boarding-scene since their inception back in 1966. More recently, though, they’ve moved beyond just being relevant in hard-wearing extreme sports circles, and become a household name as far as fashion and streetwear are concerned.

This means that Vans has embraced design and style adaptations to appeal to more and more people, and their Era model has been on the receiving end of a makeover.

Their latest development will delight anyone that loves their classic shoes, but that wants a bit of an update as far as comfort and technology goes. They’ve listened to their consumer feedback and brought what people have asked for to market: ‘ComfyCush’. As the second segment of the name suggests – the ‘ComfyCush’ technology is about cushioning and the sole of their shoes.

Specifically, they’ve combined both foam and rubber in the new sole to offer equal parts grip and comfort. In addition to the revised sole, the entire upper is a one-piece construction, including tongue tie-downs that help keep your foot secure all the time. So, while these Eras were clearly built for comfort, they haven’t lost any of their durability and skate-ability.

We’ve personally given the tech a go, and it’s safe to say that the new ComfyCush Eras are a huge step up in marshmallow-y goodness for your feet.

Expect the ComfyCush design to make its way to more Vans shoes in future!

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