Vans Chima Ferguson Pro 2 Goes Back to the Rails & Kickflips

Vans latest entry shifts focus back to the brand’s origins.

As an iconic fashion brand, Vans has come storming back to prominence in the last couple of years. The resurgence of old-school technical brands has come about due to the collaboration-boom in the fashion industry, with modern fashion heavyweights teaming up with classic-cool to bring consumers something new. Vans, and a few other skate brands, have been big beneficiaries of this new norm, but rather than focusing on being fashion-forward, their latest model is all about function.

Australian skateboarder Chima Ferguson got his first signature model three or four years ago and his line has received an update with the Chima Ferguson Pro 2, which features a couple of new inclusions that make it more board-appropriate than runway-aimed.

The most noticeable aspect in terms of its outer features is the added rubber on the toe-box area of the midsole, which extends higher up around the toes than most shoes and is an improvement over the previous models. The upper also comprises a Duracap-fused construction, which should translate into a longer lasting shoe that can withstand intense sessions and live to tell the tale.

Its most important feature is one that isn’t immediately visible, and that’s the ‘UltraCush 3D Lite’ sole that provides extra cushioning and support to absorb high impacts. Unfortunately due to the heavy-impact nature of skateboarding, your average sole just doesn’t cut it, so the dual-density foam and moulded heel-cup that the Chima Pro 2’s boast should make for a far more comfortable ride.

If you’re not a skater and just like being at the cutting edge of streetwear, these will be worth your time too. Ever since the Vans Old Skool has been reintroduced as a fashion staple the brand has enjoyed a massive revival, so lacing up a pair of Chima Pro 2 shoes will definitely get you all the right kind of attention. Just throw on a pair of khaki chinos, a band tee, and your Chimas and you’re ready to go!

The Chima Pro 2 are available now.

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