Top 5 Most Comfortable Sneakers Around

A sneaker expert divulges on the most comfy sneakers on the street!

Sneaker culture has extended out in to the wider fashion world with full force in the last few years – with the major companies releasing a slew of great new models and colourways. Sometimes, though, good-looking sneakers aren’t necessarily the most comfortable, so we’re going to do a countdown of kicks that don’t compromise on style or comfort!

Adidas Ultra Boost

Those who have monitored Adidas’ ascension up the sneaker ladder will be familiar with their patented Boost cushioning technology. The response to the extremely spongy and comfortable Boost soles has driven Adidas to putting it in a countless number of models, even going as far as implementing it on special edition versions of old-school kicks, like their Stan Smiths. The Ultra Boost is a light-weight Boost runner that consensus seems to suggest is one of Adidas’ most comfortable models out.

Nike Vapormax

The Vapormax is a hit or miss shoe for many – all due to the massive amount of Air units that make up the entire sole. Air units have been a staple in Nike’s running and sports shoes for some time, but usually there’s just a little ‘bubble’ near the heel. On the Vapormax, the whole sole is a massive set of segmented Air windows. It’s definitely something less conventional, but Nike’s Air tech has a good reputation for comfort and these definitely overdosed on it.

Asics Gel Lyte V

Asics’s gel cushioning material can be found in a lot of their sneakers, and has quite a history of giving runners great impact absorption from as far back as 1986 when it was first introduced. Instead of using traditional rubber-based material for their soles, the alpha gel found in many Asics models shows impressive impact and force absorption, making it suitable not only for runners but also for every day wear. The Gel Lyte V is particularly comfortable because of the sock upper – so there’s no tongue that can slip around and irritate you.

Adidas NMD City Sock

The Adidas NMD, just like the Ultra Boost, is one of their Boost models that has enjoyed massive popularity since its introduction. The City Sock is a variation on the original NMD, but features a collared and lace-less upper that will be great for anyone looking for a barefoot feel, and makes for a better summer sneaker because of the upper’s thin profile. Add a lightweight upper to Boost cushioning, and you’ve got a sneaker you’ll forget you’ve got on.

Under Armor HOVR Phantom

UA HOVR Phantom

Under Armor has made a surprise leap into the fashion runner market on the back of their innovative HOVR cushioning system. The premise of the setup is that wrapping a webbing-like fabric around the sole increases the responsiveness and energy return for the wearer. So while these look pretty good, like the other brands, there’s a decent amount of subtle tech that helps increase the comfort and performance for the wearer. The upper is also a thin woven material, so it won’t be the best in winter months, but will make for a breathable and cool sneaker for the summer.

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