The Story Behind SA’s Most Exciting Swimshorts

Breazies are here to help you slide into your mellow holiday vibe.

South Africa’s fashion landscape has not only caught up to the standards of international brands, but in many cases, exceeded them. While many have relied on big-name chains to supply exciting and differentiated products, our very-own, proudly South African brands are bringing the noise when it comes to delivering quality products at affordable prices; and Durban-based swimwear company, Breazies, definitely falls into that pool.

“We want to inspire moments of fun, freedom and adventure by delivering a product experience that not only ensures you look great, but also puts you in an easy-going holiday mood as soon as you slip on your pair of Breazies,” explains the company’s founder James Greene.

The Breazies name has become synonymous with fun, relaxation, and bold prints, giving South African beach and pool-lovers a locally-produced option that stands out from the crowd; but where did it all start?

“The idea for the brand came about at the end of 2016,” explains Greene. “I was in Mauritius on honeymoon. We were sitting on the veranda of the little cottage we were staying and it had been a really hot day but there was an amazing cool breeze coming off the ocean in the early evening.”

Greene then coined the name ‘Breazies’ which would become the basis of the brand and product range – doing things in a rather counter-intuitive manner, a brand name that inspired a product rather than the other way around.

“The idea of creating a product that I can personally enjoy, along with my mates and hopefully beyond really excited me.”

There’s no denying that the most striking thing about Breazies are the eye-catching prints and designs, which is something the company is extremely proud of.

“We try to combine fun elements with colours that are both funky and contemporary. It is a process of trial and error until we get the designs that firstly we love and feel that others will to. I am really lucky to collaborate with an unbelievably talented illustrator and designer, my sister Steph Greene, who is the artist behind our patterns”

From concept to delivery, Breazies prides itself on it’s locally-developed philosophy – something not many companies can claim today

“Creating a locally made brand really was a no brainer – we have a lot of pride doing all our sourcing and manufacturing locally. Everything from the designing of our patterns through to putting our cord ends on the draw strings happens here in SA.”

“The Durban textile industry is still alive and well and we produce everything right here in KZN,” added Greene.

If you’re planning on hitting the beach in the coming months and want to carry a little more character into the water check out Breazies’ statement swim shorts – they come in at R600-R650 per pair and they organise free shipping in SA!

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