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The Fashion Icons That Have Stood the Test of Time

Dungarees Samson

Samson brings the old and new together for a memorable campaign.

While bellbottoms, tie-dye t-shirts, and numerous other fashion staples have come and gone (thankfully) over the years, there are a handful of long-lasting iconic items that don’t seem to be going anywhere, and when it comes to those persistant trends, local brand Samson is at the forefront.

The brand has prided itself on creating stylish and dynamic clothing for work or play, while still remaining deeply embedded in their traditions on paying homage to the youth; and in doing so, created iconic clothing that were as relevant 50 years ago as they are now.

Samson Boiler suit & shorts

If you’re out and about everyday, getting things done, there’s no better option than a Boiler outfit. Allowing you to keep cool with a short sleeve and short combo, or the long-sleeve editions, Kitchen Suits give you freedom of movement and keep you ready for any occasion.

The boiler suit was equally as popular among the working class a few years ago, usually paired with  jackets and some sneakers but were later even more popular with the youth in university.

Samson dungarees

Of course, who can speak of South African staples without the mention of Samson’s dungarees. The hard-wearing work trousers have become fashion must-haves today, giving wearers comfort, support, and adding great layers to your look.

In South Africa, the Samson dungaree is most remembered for the iconic image of Mbuyisa Makhubu carrying Hector Pieterson after being shot at the 1976 Soweto Uprising protest. The denim dungaree trend is a staple of what Samson stands for, and are still as prominent today as they were back in  ’76. Dungarees are now a go to for casual weekends of lazing around and are gender neutral.

Samson Kitchen suit

The iconic Kitchen Suit brings Samson’s flair and love of heritage together for a recognisable South African fashion symbol. The Kitchen Suit is designed for the casual weekend in mind, giving wearers a flexible option to suit any activity or engagement at hand.

Originally designed as a colour-coded system for various types of domestic work, the colour trims, khaki, and bright colours have now been flipped into notable street styles.

While Samson has evolved as an African fashion brand, providing a wide range of shirts, hoodies, pullovers, and other great men’s items, the core of the brand will always remain in its heritage of quality dungarees and workwear.

You can check out more from Samson on their official website.  Also remember to follow Samson on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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