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Sly Stallone Designs $1 Million Watch with Richard Mille

Camouflage, but definitely not invisible.

Sylvester Stallone might be known for playing utilitarian action heroes on the silver-screen who don’t give a damn about style, but off-screen, he’s quite a style conscious guy and wouldn’t be caught dead in a wife-beater covered in his enemies’ blood.

He’s also famed for having quite an extensive (and exceptionally pricey) watch collection, filled with eye-catching and noteworthy pieces from the world’s best producers. He’s not content with just wearing pieces created by other horologists, though, and wanted to try his hand at creating his own timepiece – with notable watchmaking brand, also named after its owner, Richard Mille.

This massive monstrosity looks like it was built for John Rambo more than Sylvester Stallone, since it has the design, materials, and functions to survive several trips to Vietnam, or even a few rounds with Ivan Drago.

Its case diameter is an unheard of 55mm (most mens watches range from 38mm-44mm on average) and constructed out of titanium – so you know it can survive whatever gets thrown at it.

It features a compass bezel in case you get lost (in a forest with a bunch of AK-47-wielding baddies chasing you), has a spirit level (for when you need to make sure that your makeshift-tent is pristinely built), and even a compartment with 5 water purification tablets (for when you need safe drinking water in said forest). Oh, it also tells time – courtesy of a mechanical tourbillon movement with chronograph function, power reserve indicators for the movement, and other function indicators.

This is definitely an acquired taste of a timepiece – and even if every guy under the sun wanted one, they’re essentially going to be impossible to get a hold of. That’s because only 20 of the ‘RM 25-01’ will be made – and also because it costs roughly $1 million (around R14.5 million). So, if you want a watch that could arguably be spotted from space, and probably survive a trip there, you’re going to need to shell out a serious amount of money.

Could you see yourself wearing this out and about?

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