Samson Tees to Get You Ready for Summer

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We take a look at Samson’s summer range to pick our favourites.

Heritage brands are making a massive comeback right now, with many of the classics that some of us may be too young to remember getting a share of the limelight again. One of South Africa’s own among that list is the workwear brand Samson, which has a new range of tees that can fit a number of different looks. We’re going to look at five of their best and see which looks they can go best with!

Classic white, with a twist

White tees, and currently white print tees, are versatile and can go with a bunch of different looks. If you’re going to a semi-smart event you could even get away with chinos and a blazer with this printed tee and minimalist white sneakers without veering too close to the casual side.

Check out the Jose birdy printed tee here.

Full body spread

Bold colors and large prints are definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum though, and go better with social occasions. In the case of this shirt it’s quite evocative of summer, so grab some board shorts and a towel and use it when you’re hitting the beach!

Check out the Birdy printed tee here.

Urban camo

At a quick glance you might look at this shirt and mistake it for a camo print, which is pretty great since camo is another look that’s currently trending on the streetwear scene. Black ripped jeans and some sneakers (runners if you feel like cranking the trend vibes up to max) and you’ll be ready for the streets.

Check out the Sparrow printed tee here.

Simple & bold

Another trend that’s busy making waves is what’s being affectionately (or derisively, it’s difficult to tell) being called ‘normcore’ – basically whatever clothing you think Chandler from Friends would’ve worn. Heritage tees with neutral colours like navy, black and grey with large brand prints fit directly into this category; so get your stonewashed denim and chunky sneakers out and take advantage of this while it’s cool!

Check out the Oval Logo tee here and the Eagle SS logo tee here.

If you’re ready to pick up one or more of the above shirts, have a look at proudly South African workwear brand Samson’s range and support some homegrown style!

You can check out more from Samson on their official website.  Also remember to follow Samson on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!


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