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Ray-Ban Puts a Modern Twist on Iconic Classics

The stalwarts in Ray-Ban’s line-up get a makeover!

Although retro themes are currently very popular in the eyewear market, customers usually don’t want rehashed or monotonous homages to icons of the past, they enjoy something fresh every now and then – and Ray-Ban has delivered a couple of cool new frames that achieve that end.

Teaming up with renowned photographer Steven Klein for the marketing, Ray-Ban has ensured their new shades for the 2018 season have edge and coolness to spare.

The Marshal

This frame has cues from one of Ray-Ban’s most popular models, the Aviators, but takes a few liberties with the design that move away from the traditional Aviator shape. The most notable departure is that the bottom of the lens frame has an angular design rather than the smooth tear-drop shape the Aviators are known for. Gold metal frames with dark lenses are quite evergreen, though, so these will satisfy people with a healthy respect for tradition and something fresh.

The Hexagonal  

Anyone that’s ever watched an 80s movie with Tom Cruise in it will recognise the hallmark that this optical eyewear frame is referencing – the Wayfarer. This might possibly be the most popular eyewear design, primarily because it suits almost every face shape and looks good on everyone. This one is a little more rounded than the conventional Wayfarer shape, though, with a hexagonal design for the lenses and a keyhole bridge. It’s rather unmistakably Wayfarer-inspired, though, because of its arms and the rivets and temple logos.

Wayfarer Blaze

2017’s Blaze frame, whereby the whole, full-body lens sat in-front of the Ray-Ban’s frames, were a huge hit last year, and the brand has now combined the tried-and-tested Wayfarer frame with the Blaze lens style.

Aviator Evolve

The world’s most iconic sunglasses have been reimagined with photochromatic washed lenses that change colour density with light. Pink lenses recall flamboyant 70s eyewear trends, so those who still want a little retro in their vision, will align with the Evolves.

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