Ray-Ban Expands Range to Include Prescription Lenses

Rayban prescription

Eyewear giant Ray-Ban dives into the prescription lenses market.

Ray-Ban is a firmly established favourite in the realm of eyewear, and has been for several decades now. With the continued popularity of some of their signature frames, as well as the retro trend making a comeback, their frame designs are probably in higher demand than they’ve ever been before.

Unfortunately for those who require or choose to wear glasses getting stylish shades can sometimes be a problem if they can only use non-prescription lenses though. Ray-Ban has moved to integrate the need many have for prescription lenses with the popularity of their brand, and will be using digital lens manufacturing technology to bring prescription lenses to their stable of products worldwide by the end of this year.

You simply provide your prescription and desired frame choice to an optician or eyewear outlet and they order the correct configuration that will be delivered within a few days. Ray-Ban will offer effectively their full-range of frames and lens options with prescription setup, so if there’s a specific design of frame you love with a particular lens color or tint you’ll be able to replicate it with your prescription pair.

Considering their good quality and timeless design, this is a fantastic addition for the company, meaning those who need corrective lenses don’t have to sacrifice razor sharp vision to combat that summer glare.

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