Puma & The Weeknd’s Military-Inspired Collection Drops Today — Here’s What You Need to Know


Puma & the Weeknd showcase their collaboration.

We’ve already had a look at some slick, minimalist sneakers that The Weeknd worked on with Puma, and he’s going to be releasing his next selection of items shortly. The pieces all resemble the Weeknd’s signature style and showcase an interesting juxtaposition between the minimalist trend while also incorporating elements of street style with an emphasis on denim.

There are three key pieces in the collection we’re going to highlight; starting at the feet and working our way up, there’s an olive toned Parallel boot (R4,299 – pictured above) that takes a few cues from military attire, which is a pretty prevalent trend at the moment too. While these aren’t exactly cut out for the South African summer, they’ll be excellent to have on if we get some of our infamous summer storms and you’re caught out in the rain. Beyond that though, they’re perfect for our autumn and winter months when better insulation and having covered ankles are often necessities.

The colourway is particularly appealing because it’s an earth tone that tends to go with all other colours, whether that’s a classic stonewash pair of jeans or beige Chinos – they’re likely to go with almost everything you already own.

The second item, and probably the trendiest of the collection, is the distressed and stylized denim jacket (R4,999). Denim jackets pop in and out of fashion trends, and they’re currently visible in every major retailer’s collections, so they’re probably going to be a casual mainstay for some time. This one features heavy distressing on the back panel, as well as some scattered throughout the front, as well as tonally contrasting cuffs and the collar.

Lastly, what better item for the Weeknd to include in a collection he endorses than a weekend duffle bag (R1,999). Why? Because everyone needs a go-to bag that’s big enough to carry enough clothing for a trip but not cumbersome enough to absolutely have to be checked in on a flight. This denim duffle bag ticks both boxes, providing enough space to be practical but being compact enough not to be a hassle. It shares the light denim tone visible in the rest of the collection, with darker straps that echo the colour scheme from the denim jacket with its contrasting cuffs.

The second drop of the Puma x XO Parallel will drop on Thursday, 26 October 2017 at Puma Select, Shelflife and X-Trend stores.

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