Puma Launch New Hybrid NX in SA – Here’s What They Cost

Puma Hybrid NX header

Puma’s new Hybrid NX have landed in the Republic!

The performance fitness shoe space is becoming seriously competitive – long gone are the days where the same brands and models are seen year in and year out. The biggest players in the industry are taking their R&D and innovation pretty seriously, bringing new products with useful design features to customers at a more frequent rate.

Puma’s been doing some great work with their cushioning systems for their running shoes, and the new Hybrid NX makes use of two of their cool new technologies; IGNITE Foam and NRGY Beads.

The IGNITE Foam is a high rebound foam that offers stability and rigidity, but also a healthy dose of responsiveness at the same time. Buried within the heel area is the second interesting piece of tech, the NRGY Beads. Hundreds of the tiny little rubber beads are sealed within a transparent case in the heel, with the main function of generating impressive energy return upon each stride.

The addition of these features means that the shoe doesn’t just look good, but it’s got some interesting inclusions that make it a viable choice for those looking for comfort and style, while also delivering a good amount of performance, too.

Some of the sponsored athletes that’ll be lacing these up are the Formula One veteran Lewis Hamilton, as well as the Cape Town running crew ‘The Nine Four’ – and they’ll be available for R1,699 from Puma stores and other leading outlets as of the 1st of March 2019!

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