Persol Launches Special 100-Year Anniversary Sunglasses


All hail the Italian centurion.

Not many can say they made it to 100; so you know a brand has stood the test of time when it racks up the big century. Italian eyewear brand Persol is in that very position, and is celebrating 100 years of success with the new Persol 9649SG Limited Edition.

Soon to be available in South Africa, this precious handmade design, with only 200 numbered pieces, enhances the glamor and elegance of iconic Persol details, including the famous arrow – here for the first time made of 18-carat gold.

Embellished with details like the ‘750 gold’ marking on the arrow, the Persol centennial date and the Limited Edition certification engraved in gold on the inside of the temples, the 9649SG Limited Edition stands out as a prestigious accessory and one of the season’s must haves.

They are available in Coffee colour with blue polarized lenses.

Persol 0PO9649SG__108_S3


Also new to the pack is the iconic force is the light version of the 9649SG, the 6649S, which evolves with the unmistakable design of the new ex Arrow. Synonymous with Italian style and for decades a distinctive trait of many film stars, today the model expands its range with new historical acetates retrieved from the brand’s archives. Available in new red Havana with blue crystal lenses; new blonde Havana with dark green lenses; Coffee with brown gradient lenses; Havana with brown polar lenses; black with green polar lenses, and Sienna with light blue lenses.

Persol 0PO6649S__10614E

Persol 0PO6649S__106056

The first two versions are part of the limited edition collection dedicated to the Persol centennial celebration, and feature the centennial date engraved in gold on the inside of the temples.

A golden history

Persol’s extraordinary history began in 1917, when Italian optician and photographer Giuseppe Ratti started to manufacture the Protector goggles. Designed for Italian aviation pilots, the Protectors were subsequently also used by American and Swiss pilots. Poet Gabriele D’Annunzio wore them during his legendary flight over Vienna on August 9, 1918.

1930-1950:The brand Persol (short for “per il sole”, for the sun) is created. Featuring a clean, sleek design, crystal lenses, the arrow (at once a functional detail and an unmistakable visual signature), and the patented Meflecto system for flexible temples that fit close to the face, the brand becomes synonymous with innovation and Italian design.

1957: Debut of the 649 model, soon to become a style icon worldwide. Created to protect the eyes of Turin tram drivers from dust and wind, the 649 achieved the pinnacle of success after Marcello Mastroianni wore them in “Divorce Italian Style”.

1970-1990: As the company continues to improve its products with advanced technological innovations, Persol sunglasses are selected for use in the most extreme conditions: from an expedition to the Svalbard islands in Norway to the Paris- Dakar rally, several editions of which were sponsored by Persol, and even during survival training by Russian astronauts, who use Persol glasses with multilayer polarized lenses.

1990-2000: The opening of the first Persol boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is the ultimate accolade: the brand has definitely become a favorite with Hollywood stars.

2000s: Today, Persol is a recognized icon of Italian style, quality and culture, and its glasses continue to be worn by many of the great names of international cinema. Designers continue to imagine and shape the future of Persol through advanced research and innovation.


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