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Old-School Vellies Get a Modern Twist

Heritage meets new-age style with Field Shoes Inc’s vellies!

Along with biltong, braais, and rugby, the veldskoen (directly translates to ‘field shoe’) is one of the most iconic South African items you’re likely to find.

Usually made of a tan leather with a thin gum or tan sole, the veldskoen doesn’t immediately evoke sartorial credentials, but surprisingly, it’s actually considered a fashion staple among many European fashion enthusiasts.

The modest veldskoen, a global fashion staple, you might ask? Indeed – although overseas it’s generally referred to as a ‘desert boot’, and comes in a few different styles, but it’s very much of the same lineage as the vellie.

And to celebrate this heritage, South African company Field Shoes Inc. have launched a range of Veldskoens with a bit of a modern twist in the form of hits of colour in the sole as well as laces.

Menswear, and the liberties that men can take with their own wardrobe, are expanding and evolving fast, so if you’re a dedicated wearer of the Veldskoen but you’d like to modernise what could be considered a bland shoe, then perhaps add one of their seven colourful shades to your weekly shoe rotation!

You can grab a pair in UK sizes from 3-14 for R790 and browse all their products and find out more about the brand at www.Veldskoen.Shoes!

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