MRP Adds More Men’s Items To The Winter Range

Mr Price unveils some new entries into their winter range.

Given the state of some of our treasured hoodies and jerseys (we’re looking at you, stripey jacket from 2003), its time to treat ourselves to some new threads, and we’ve earmarked five interesting items from MRP this week:

The new range includes some fresh items from RT and MRP Рnamely, some long joggers, jerseys, button-up shirts, denims and jackets.

There are also a variety of pieces that feature logos and designs, as well as those without, depending on what you prefer.

The prices vary for each item, but they won’t set you back much – a small price to pay to be cosy this winter.

Check out some of the items below that MenStuff has taken a liking to and check out the items on MRP online:

MRP Winter mens range

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