Bad Birdie Brings a Splash of Colour to the Green

Inject some flair into your game!

Golf, like tennis, is a sport that’s often associated with very conservative attire and little room for a bit of self-expression or a bit of fun. Bad Birdie is trying to reverse that trend with their range of golf polos that’ll have you standing out amongst the crowd.

This echoes a trend in menswear, particularly with brighter patterns for collared shirts (keep an eye out for Cuban collar button down shirts, too). So if you’re keen on adding some spice to your average Saturday morning tee-off have a look at this range of golf polos:

They’re a little more form fitting and modern in their design than the average golf shirts, which are usually little bit more roomy than the Bad Birdie polos. They’re also made of a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry if you’re really giving it your all, or just happen to be caught out on a seriously warm day.

Check them out here to buy one of the colourful polos (retailing for $72, or approximately R1,200).

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