5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Bamboo Underwear

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Bamboo is the future!

Let’s be honest, men aren’t the best at looking after themselves. Thankfully, like fine wine, we tend to just improve with age and make it through life without too many scratches (except for that time I ramped off my mate Dave’s house with my BMX). That said, there are a few things we can do to improve our time here on Earth (and Earth itself), and one of those things is wearing bamboo underwear!

Where are we going with this? Well, just take a look at the 5 benefits of bamboo jocks, and you’ll see what we mean:

1. They’re ridiculously soft

Even if you’re tough, you can’t say ‘no’ to soft things. Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and can maintain that softness throughout its lifespan. Once you’ve worn a pair for a day it’s going to be hard to wear anything else.

2. They’re environmentally-friendly

Bamboo grows rapidly and requires only a small percentage of the water it would take to grow cotton. It’s also biodegradable and grows without pesticides. It’s sustainable and we like that.

3. They’re antibacterial

With anti-odour, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, we don’t need to go into any more detail as to why you may want bamboo undies.

4. They remain dry

Bamboo a ‘dry’ fabric, in that it absorbs and evaporates sweat almost immediately, before it can aggravate the skin.

4. They’re breathable

Bamboo is extremely breathable, providing the movement of air where it needs to be. However, they’re also very warm when winter-time rolls around.

Like converting to craft beer, binge watching Stranger Things in a single day, or upgrading to fibre, you will not look back. Seriously, guys, bamboo fabrics are the future, and the clever fellas over at Sexy Socks (whose socks are bamboo) have embraced this fully and added their first bamboo jocks to the line. At R249, it’s not a bad price to pay for comfort and saving the environment. You’re basically Captain Planet with even more awesome underwear.

Check out the Sexy Jocks here.

Sexy Jocks

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