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The Best Tips for Painting Like a Pro

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Avoid the classic pitfalls of poor painting!

Yeah, you may have learnt how to finger-paint in Grade 1, but trust us, it (unfortunately) hasn’t provided the skills to pull off a spiffy new coat on your home or a touch up on that old wall. Builders knows better than anyone that poor paint technique will result in a patchy finish and random streaks; so they’ve provided some tips to getting that professional, lasting finish:

Tips for painting like a pro:

  • Read the application instructions provided on your tub of paint.
  • Avoid contaminating an entire tub of paint by pouring the amount needed into a paint tray or smaller tub.
  • Avoid leaving streaks by approaching the job methodically, starting at one corner, moving from top to bottom and working your way around the room.
  • Load your brush correctly by dipping the bristles no further than two-thirds into your tub of paint.
  • When using a brush, use light strokes and reload as soon as you begin to feel the brush dragging.
  • Load rollers evenly using a paint tray and work methodically, working vertically and overlapping each layer to follow.

Looking after your equipment:

  • Remove as much excess paint from your brush or roller as possible using a rag or industrial tissue before rinsing with water.
  • Hang your brushes to dry using the hole at the tip of the handle or lay on a flat surface to avoid residue running into the metal band and ruining your brush.
  • Dry brushes can be wrapped in brown paper to retain bristle structure and stored either horizontally or vertically.
  • Never leave your brushes or rollers in water for extended periods. You will soon find your brushes getting out of shape because the weight of the brush will be resting on the bristles. Also, the handle will slowly absorb water and swell resulting in loose bristles that will eventually fall out.

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